Introducing Tectonic Labs: Protecting Against Technology Seismic Activity

VA seismic imageWe are in a world filled with seemingly almost endless possibilities for new creations brought about by the ever-accelerating pace of technology advances.  Whenever global society faces potentially cataclysmic challenges, technology has provided a solution that makes the threat appear quaint.  Examples abound in medicine, agriculture, and almost every aspect of life that improves the human condition, providing a bedrock foundation to our existence that we constantly rely upon without even thinking about it:

  • We expect the lights to come on when we flip the switch.
  • We expect a call to go through when we dial a phone.
  • We expect the shelves in the grocery store to be fully stocked when we need something in the kitchen.
  • We expect medicine to be available when we are ill.

Unfortunately with greater dependence upon technical solutions comes a greater risk from the impact of threats.  Even temporary disruption of many of the technologies we have come to rely upon can create significant regional societal impacts, and extended global disruption of major services could threaten the very fabric of civilization.  While technology-based catastrophes of this magnitude may sound melodramatic and be highly improbable, it is safe to say we live in a fragile world, much like the Earth’s seemingly immovable crust floats upon a sea of magma.

This is a new blog sponsored by Tectonic Labs LLC.  Tectonic is a new entity focused on identifying and eliminating threats in the seams, along those fault lines of our world’s technological foundation.  Watch this space to read more about our unconventional view of technology security and the solutions we provide.