Tectonic Labs has developed a revolutionary approach to digital security called Prxy. Prxy is an anti-tamper and anti-reverse-engineering technology that possesses hardware-level strength but the scalability and low cost of a software-only solution

Modern computer processors today are complex almost beyond comprehension. They are comprised of billions of individual components capable of executing hundreds of billions of individual instructions. Running on top of these complicated and pervasive microchips, are equally complex software applications. These applications power everything from advanced weaponry to mobile devices and power grids to your home thermostat.

The microchip to software interactions are invisible when a phone call is made, an embedded insulin pump is adjusted, or when auto-pilot for a plane is engaged, but they produce a virtually chaotic set of interactions at the machine level.  It is this array of interactions that Prxy leverages to provide both hardware and software protection.

At its core, Prxy takes critical pieces of software source code and transforms them in a time based value called a “time map” built on the unique microarchitecture of the underlying computer processor. The original logic is completely removed and only a computer processor that generates the same time map running the software can interpret it. Any variation of the underlying computer architecture or attempts to alter or monitor the device will cause the logic to fail. This ensures protection of the computer code or hardware architecture.

The extreme sensitivity of the Prxy technology to the hardware and software interaction yields a scalable application to power a range of solutions. These include:

  • Intellectual Property Protection
  • Software Ant-Reverse Engineering
  • Hardware Anti-Counterfeiting
  • Microchip Anti-Tampering
  • Trusted Computing
  • White Box Cryptography