Threats to electronic hardware and software components know no limits across industry boundaries. No longer are the national security and financial sectors the sole recipients of dedicated attacks from inside and outside the organization. Wireless baby monitors, implanted insulin pumps, electric car components, hotel locks, and water treatment plants are just a few examples of new targets that have been compromised.  With more sophisticated targeted attacks on the rise, new methods of digital security are required.

Tectonic Labs, through its Prxy technology, has solutions that meet a wide range of these challenges. The list below is just a sample of the solutions Tectonic Labs can provide:

  • Enhancing the robustness of security credentials for mobile applications
  • Protecting proprietary software algorithms for stock trading
  • Securing the supply chain for advanced avionics parts
  • Reducing the threat of tampering for microchips in embedded medical devices
  • Expanding protection for Industrial Control Systems
  • Hardening satellite communications systems

Tectonic Labs enterprise scalable capabilities can be adapted to meet your specific need.